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At Ortodoncia Tres Torres Barcelona we specialise inbraces for adults. We work with the newest techniques and technologies in the field of invisible braces to address the different needs of each of our patients: Invisalign and lingual.

Arrow rightAdults can also successfully correct their teeth.

Contrary to popular opinion, teeth can be corrected at any age. If you recognise yourself in any of the following statements it’s time for you to start orthodontic treatment:

  • I have overcrowded teeth and/or a malocclusion.
  • My teeth do not align when I close my mouth.
  • My dentist has already told me that I needed orthodontic treatment but I have been delaying it.
  • I don’t like my smile.
  • I think that improving my smile will help me look and feel better.

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Arrow right Preventative orthodontic treatment in adults.

Orthodontic treatments in adults tend to be more complex than in children or young people. Prevention is also important from the ages of 35-40. Detecting a malocclusion and correcting it prevents a number of issues such as long-term tooth wear, dental hygiene problems, gum disease, TMJ syndrome (temporomandibular joint syndrome) to name just a few.

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Arrow rightTypes of braces for adults

There are many different types of invisible braces for adults that a very discreet. Nobody will know you are wearing a brace unless you tell them!

Make an appointment so we can make an assessment of your case. We will recommend a treatment with invisible braces that best suits your particular needs.


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Arrow rightPrices for adult braces

The price for adult braces is calculated on a case-by-case basis and depends on the treatment you choose. At Ortodoncia Tres Torres we  specialise in braces for adults. Your first visit is absolutely free of charge in which we will assess which type of invisible brace is best for you. Once we have diagnosed your problem and told you how long possible treatment will take, we will quote you a fixed price with 0% finance.

Make an appointment with no obligation!

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