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Invisible lingual braces help correct the position of your teeth. Because they are invisible and on the tongue-side of your teeth, nobody will notice you are wearing braces. As each patient is different, your treatment will take into account your own individual needs. At Ortodoncia Tres Torres we specialize in lingual braces in Barcelona, and will tell you if lingual braces are the best option for you. Once we have diagnosed your problem and told you how long possible treatment will take, we will quote you a fixed price with 0% finance. Make an appointment with no obligation!

of lingual


Fixed apparatus, attached to the
tongue-side of the teeth.




Period of
adjustment between
10 and 15 days.


Minimal discomfort /
when speaking.


At Ortodoncia Tres Torres we use a pioneering system
developed in Japan with smallest lingual braces on the market.
And the most comfortable!


Invisible braces are ideal for adult patients, 
especially for those complex cases
that cannot be treated with Invisalign.

 How do lingual braces work?

We take precise impressions of your teeth. These are then used by a fully trained lab technician who makes a mock-up of what the teeth will look like at the end of treatment. All wires and braces are created specifically for the patient. When the braces are finished, we will arrange an appointment for you to come in and have them fixed on the tongue-side of your teeth. You will soon get the smile you have always wanted without anyone noticing you are wearing braces!

Lingual braces are the most discreet

Lingual braces are the most discreet and aesthetically pleasing option we can offer as each brace is tailored to each tooth. We use very fine braces that are attached one by one to allow natural movement; something that other types of braces cannot offer. This type of brace gives the most noticeable results. Patients treated with lingual braces can see a difference from the first day of their treatment and can track the changes in their teeth as the apparatus is placed along the entire inner side of the teeth.

Creating the model and virtual simulation of lingual braces

We use the most advanced technology to create our braces, which allows us to make accurate impressions of your teeth in just 5 minutes, without the use of uncomfortable putty. With this 3D imagery, x-rays and facial and dental photographs, the orthodontist can make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Next, a mock-up is created to help design and make each individual dental aligner. With this mock-up the patient can also see the future results of the treatment.

The main advantages of lingual braces over Invisalign braces is that the former are totally invisible and that they can be used for other dental treatments, such as extractions. Invisalign braces are the perfect solution in many cases, but they do not work efficiently in shifting dental roots. Invisalign braces are not able to close the gaps where a dental extraction has taken place. In addition, when lingual braces are used, veneers to fill holes after dental extractions can be inserted.

Lingual braces are the best option for adults

Lingual braces are the perfect solution for adults between the ages of 20 and 60. The majority of people who can be treated with regular, visible braces can also opt for the i invisible lingual braces.

To be more exact regarding the highest range of age, the certain thing is that it does not exist a maximum age to be able to begin an orthodontic treatment. A nice smile is not only attractive, in addition it helps to improve self esteem and make us feel happier.

If you decide to request professional advice to begin an orthodontic treatment with the aim to have a nicer and healthier smile, the best thing is that, independently of the age you have, to visit an specialized orthodontist. We invite you to come to visit Ortodoncia Tres Torres Barcelona, our orthodontists will study your problem and will evaluate which type of orthodontic appliances better adapts you.

If you are thinking about a treatment of lingual orthodontics inBarcelona, you have to know that the first visit is totally free and without commitment.

Ortodoncia Tres Torres Barcelona picto flecha Lingual braces prices

In most cases it is possible to use the two types ofinvisible orthodontics: lingual braces and Invisalign braces. The experience and knowledge of the specialist in orthodontics will make him advise for the most appropriate orthodontic treatment for each patient and for each case. There is no technique that is better than another, but one will be more appropriate than the other depending on the analysis made by the specialist of the particularities of each case. Lingual braces are usually more suitable for complex cases that cant be treated with removable braces. Similarly, the prices of orthodontics may vary depending on the prescribed treatment. The price of braces will depend on its complexity, the equipment used and the estimated time of treatment. Although each case has to be analysed in a personalized way according to these factors and other external factors, as a guideline, lingual braces prices range from € 3000.

The lingual braces in Barcelona at a glance

  • Lingual braces uses metallic fixed braces that are placed on the inner face of the teeth and works very efficiently in cases where it is required to move dental roots.
  • The fixed lingual brackets are not removable so you do not have to take them off and put them on every meal or when brushing your teeth.
  • Lingual braces are made individually for every patient so that their effects when speaking or eating are minimized.
  • Although in Ortodoncia Tres Torres we think about the maximum comfort and effectiveness in each orthodontic treatment, the fact that we use the smallest lingual brackets that currently exist does not prevent that a time of adaptation is necessary for the patient that usually is about 10 to 15 days.
  • Lingual brackets are not visible from the outside, so lingual braces are undoubtedly the invisible orthodontics recommended.
  • It is the most appropriate type of orthodontics for adults.
  • As a guide, the prices of lingual braces range from 3000€ and in Ortodoncia Tres Torres Barcelona you can finance your treatment in comfortable deadlines without paying interests.
  • As you are surely asking yourself some questions about lingual braces, in this link you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about invisible lingual braces
  • For your lingual braces treatment in Barcelona, ​​do not hesitate to visit us, Ortodoncia Tres Torres team offers you a diagnosis without commitment at the first visit. Request an appointment here.