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What is an orthodontic treatment is a common question. Orthodontics is a specialty within Dentistry that is responsible for diagnosing, preventing and treating dental and facial irregularities. Therefore, the orthodontist is a dentist who also has advanced studies or a master in Orthodontics, that is, specialized knowledge to correct the position of the teeth and guide the development of the jaws.


We are dedicated exclusively to Orthodontic treatments, that is, we are specialists in orthodontics. This Specialization Allows us to be in continuous evolution always applying new techniques and technologies to improve the results.

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Before starting any treatment, a previous orthodontic study is necessary, which consists of a clinical examination to evaluate the malocclusion. In Ortodoncia Tres Torres this first visit is completely free.

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For greater precision in orthodontic diagnosis we digitize all processes: we value bone and dental structures through orthopantomography and digital teleradiography, we perform a digital scan of your teeth and we print 3D dental models to manufacture any type of dental appliances. Everything in the fastest, most accurate and … comfortable for the patient!!


Orthodontic treatments, indicated to prevent and correct anomalies in the shape, position or use of dental pieces, respond to different types depending on the kind of force and technique we use.

Illustration of an aligner

Orthodontics Invisalign is a type of orthodontics based on correcting tooth position with clear aligners generated with a virtual treatment plan. The aligners are made with 3D imaging technology using Invisalign’s ClinCheck software. They are transparent, removable and so comfortable that you can wear them without anyone noticing.

Illustration of lingual brackets

Lingual orthodontics corrects the position of your teeth with invisible braces placed on the inside of the teeth, so no one knows you are wearing them. Fixed metal brackets are used that work very efficiently in those patients who want fixed and invisible orthodontics. For patient comfort we use the smallest lingual brackets on the market. Dr. Fernando de la Iglesia is an active member of the European Society of Lingual Orthodontics (ESLO).

Illustration of conventional brackets

In orthodontics with visible brackets the correction of the position of the teeth is achieved with brackets placed on the outside of the teeth. Conventional or visible brackets are comfortable, easy to clean and can be metal, ceramic or sapphire being ideal for treatments in children and young people.

Why has orthodontics changed Barcelona


In this video you can see in 30 seconds how technological advances have changed the world of orthodontics. Now the treatments are more precise, aesthetic, comfortable, fast and… less painful!



As each patient is unique, when to start orthodontic treatment depends on their own individual needs.

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Dental crowding

It consists of the malposition of the teeth in the upper and lower arches and is caused by a lack of space of the teeth in the maxillary bones. When this happens, the teeth erupt by piling on top of each other, either by spinning or by being placed incorrectly. Dental crowding is one of the most common treatments and has an important impact on the aesthetics and dental health of the patient.

Illustration of upper front teeth protruding above the lower

Dental malocclusion

Tooth malocclusion is characterized by contact and incorrect fit between the teeth of the upper and lower jaw. The most common malocclusion is when the upper front teeth protrude excessively above the lower front teeth (they resemble “rabbit teeth”) or cover most of the lower front teeth when biting (deep or augmented overbite).

Illustration of lower teeth more advanced than upper

Alterations in facial development

The lower arch is in a more forward position than the upper arch or the maxilla is narrower than the mandible. These alterations in facial development occur in children and adults and have repercussions on the bite. When the upper front teeth are behind the lower teeth, the bite is anteriorly crossed, while when the upper and lower front teeth do not come into contact when biting, the bite is open. When the upper teeth are not able to cover or “embrace” the lower teeth the bite is crossed.

Illustration of denture with teeth separated

Separated teeth

A fairly common form of malocclusion is the presence of a diastema or separated teeth, usually in the upper central incisors and occasionally between the lower central incisors. The cause of this dental malposition is often the presence of a bad development of the upper labial frenum that joins the upper lip with the gum.



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Preventive orthodontics in children is recommended at the age of 6, the ideal age for the first visit to the orthodontist since that is when the first definitive molars erupt. Children’s orthodontics easily resolves cases such as bad fit of the teeth and may avoid skeletal problems and occlusion in adolescence.

Close-up of an adult person

Orthodontics in adults is something perfectly natural. Teeth can be corrected at any age. Adolescence is the ideal time to perform orthodontic treatment (…eliminate the adult…) since it is when most skeletal anomalies can be corrected. A faulty dental occlusion can generate health problems such as tooth wear, difficulties when eating, favouring gum diseases and even the future loss of teeth.


Invisible orthodontics adapted to the patient is the aesthetic alternative to conventional treatment with brackets. The best known are Invisalign and lingual orthodontics. Although in most diagnoses it is possible to use both options, it is the orthodontist who must prescribe the invisible orthodontics that best suits the patient.


Orthodontist in Barcelona with distinction Invisalign Diamond

Dr. Fernando de la Iglesia is a Doctor in Dentistry, Master in Orthodontics and an expert in invisible orthodontics. He is an orthodontist in Barcelona with the Invisalign Diamond distinction, the highest category Invisalign worldwide for the large number of cases treated. Together with doctors Oriol Quevedo and Anna Auladell and the entire team of Ortodoncia Tres Torres will study your case and attend you personally throughout the treatment of your orthodontics in Barcelona.


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