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    Adolescence is the best time to perform orthodontic treatment since this is when small skeletal anomalies can be corrected easily. Failure to treat the issue as soon as possible can lead to problems such as tooth wearing, difficulties eating, gum disease and even tooth loss. At Ortodoncia Tres Torres Barcelona we are specialists in orthodontics for young people and we use specific orthodontic techniques to address the needs of young people.

    Preventative orthodontic treatment in teenagers

    Preventive orthodontic treatment in young people is very important. When problems are treated at this stage of a person’s growth more serious problems can be avoided in the future due to the plasticity of the bones,. During puberty orthodontic treatment is highly effective since we can influence the development of the teeth.

    Most dental problems in young people are genetic, such as overcrowding, overbites, gaps, missing teeth, or problems with the jaw. Other issues that require treatment include dental diseases, early or late loss of milk teeth, and poor dental hygiene.

    Types of braces for teenagers

    Different braces address the different needs of our patients:

    Make an appointment to discuss your case and we will recommend the treatment that best suits your needs.

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    Prices for braces for teenagers

    The price for braces for teenagers is calculated on a case-by-case basis and depends on the treatment you choose. At Ortodoncia Tres Torres we specialise in braces for teenagers. Your first visit is absolutely free of charge in which we will assess which type of brace is best for you. Once we have diagnosed your problem and told you how long possible treatment will take, we will quote you a fixed price with 0% finance.

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