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    The comfort of your treatment is very important to us, whether you are receiving lingual braces, Invisalign braces or brackets. We understand that for our patients it is important to know from the outset what steps are involved in their treatment as well as know the orthodontist who is going to treat you. For this reason, at Ortodoncia Tres Torres Barcelona we have created a process that reduces the number of visits for our patients who have invisible braces or brackets. We tailor our treatment plan to suit you.

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    Orthodontics Tres Torres Barcelona Dr. Fernando de la Iglesia and patient

    1 Initial consultation

    Duration approximately 45 minutes

    The first visit is totally free of charge. You will be asked to fill in a brief questionnaire about your general and dental health, and we will take some extra-oral and intraoral pictures.
    After a clinical examination, we will evaluate your case and explain the following:

    • Any dental, bone or facial problems
    • Any dental or gum treatments needed
    • The different brace options
    • The length and a fixed price for the treatment

    2 Intraoral scanner, digital x-rays and printing of 3D models

    For greater accuracy in the diagnosis and comfort of the patient in the orthodontic treatment, we digitize all the processes:

    • We assess bone and dental structures with orthopantomography and digital teleradiography.
    • We create a digital scan with the iTero Element scanner to avoid taking dental impressions with the uncomfortable printing pads. This takes just a few minutes.
    • Through our 3D printer we obtain in a short space of time the dental models to be able to manufacture any type of dental appliances. We print the virtual models scanned with the intraoral scanner, transforming them physically into resin, in the fastest and most accurate way!

    The objective of this phase is to have all the information to be able to make the most accurate diagnosis and start the treatment without waiting. In Ortodoncia Tres Torres we follow the technological vanguard to always offer excellence, precision and comfort to the patient.

    3 Personalised treatment plan

    Each patient and each case is unique. We tailor your orthodontic treatment to your needs and we will explain in detail all the implications of the process. This is the ideal time for the orthodontist to clarify any doubts you may have, both regarding the diagnosis and your particular treatment.

    4 The fixing of the braces

    Depending on whether you are getting lingual braces, Invisalign braces or brackets, the fixing process will take place over one or a number of visits.

    5 Check-ups and adjustments

    Check-ups are key to ensure that the treatment is going to plan and to make any necessary adjustments. At Ortodoncia Tres Torres Barcelona we like to ask our patients to visit us every 4 weeks, although as each treatment is different, this may vary. We also offer Skype appointments to patients living outside of Barcelona being treated with Invisalign braces.

    Orthodontics Tres Torres Barcelona clinic orthodontics rooms

    6 The fixing of retainers after treatment

    Before we remove the braces, we will fix a retainer to your teeth. As teeth are in constant motion throughout life, this phase of treatment will minimise the chances of the treated problem returning.

    7 The final step

    Your treatment ends with the removal of the braces. Now you can enjoy your new smile!

    Arrow right Invisalign treatment plan

    At Ortodoncia Tres Torres we specialise in Invisalign braces. If you want to know more about Invisalign, we have created a website for you, dedicated exclusively to this innovative type of invisible brace.

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