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    Orthodontics is a speciality of dentistry concerned with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities.

    An orthodontist is a dentist who, after having obtained a Dentistry degree, goes on to conclude a programme of advanced studies in Orthodontics, which takes a further 3 years. Through this specialist training the orthodontist gains the expertise needed to correct the position of teeth and guide the development of the bones of the face.

    • A more beautiful smile which helps reduce complexes about one’s own appearance especially during childhood and teenage years.
    • Improved functionality of the teeth.
    • Possible improvement in self-esteem.
    • Increased understanding and skill in cleaning teeth.
    • Improved distribution of dental strength and more evenly distributed wear of teeth.
    • Improved health of teeth and gums in the longer term.
    • Better positioning of permanent teeth.
    • Can reduce the risk of injury to front teeth that protrude from the mouth.
    • Helps optimise the effect of other dental treatments.
    • The upper front teeth protrude excessively over the lower front teeth or resemble “rabbit teeth”.
    • The upper front teeth cover the majority of the lower front teeth when biting (deep overbite).
    • The upper front teeth are behind the lower front teeth (anterior cross bite).
    • The upper and lower front teeth do not touch when biting (open bite).
    • Overcrowding of teeth.
    • The middle lines of the upper and lower rows of teeth do not form a single line.
    • The habit of sucking one’s thumb after the age of 6 or 7.
    • Trouble chewing.
    • The teeth wear away unevenly. For example, when you bite, there is a space between the teeth on one side of the lower jaw.

    Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age. Every one of us wants to have a beautiful and healthy smile. Of all the patients receiving orthodontic treatment, between 20% and 25% are adults.

    No, not at all. There is no pain involved in any of the treatments. However, it is normal to experience some mild discomfort the first few days of treatment, but the feeling of pressure does subside within a few days.

    The duration of each treatment varies from case to case, but the average treatment lasts between one and two years. The length of the treatment can be influenced by the age / growth rate of the patient and by the degree of correction necessary. The duration of treatment also depends on the patient’s cooperation. Good oral hygiene and regular visits to the orthodontist help to ensure the scheduled completion of the treatment.

    The price of treatment is calculate don a case-by-case basis and on the type of braces you will have: lingual, Invisalign or brackets.

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    No. However, there may be an initial period of adaptation. The patient may also use corrective protectors to avoid discomfort.

    At Ortodoncia Tres Torres we specialise in Invisalign braces. If you want to know more about Invisalign, we have created a website for you, dedicated exclusively to this innovative type of invisible brace.

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    At Ortodoncia Tres Torres we specialise in invisible lingual braces. 

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