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    As a leading orthodontic clinic in Barcelona, at Ortodoncia Tres Torres Barcelona we use cutting-edge technologies to give our patients excellent results, maximum precision, and the utmost comfort throughout their treatment. For example we use the iTero Element intraoral scanner with which we can scan your teeth in just a few minutes.

    Arrow right We use the latest technology in the field of orthodontics

    Our iTero Element intraoral scanner allows us to take images of your teeth in just 5 minutes. Not only is this method more comfortable for the patient, the digitalisation of the process ensures more precise results. In our Invisalign orthodontic treatments, we send the results to Invisalign USA in real time, which means that the treatment starts more quickly than when the images are sent by post.

    Orthodontics Tres Torres Barcelona i-tero3d scanner

    Arrow right 3D images of your smile in just 5 minutes

    With the iTero Element intraoral scanner’s pen-shaped device, we scan your teeth quickly and accurately. In just a few minutes you will see your mouth in 3D. In cases that are treated with Invisalign braces, this scanner will help optimise your treatment and improve the results. You can actually see what your smile will look like before you start treatment!

    Arrow right Maximum comfort, speed and efficiency from your orthodontic treatment

    Current lifestyles require orthodontic treatments to be comfortable, quick and effective. At Ortodoncia Tres Torres Barcelona, we can scan your teeth in just a few minutes thanks to the intraoral iTero 3D Element scanner. You do not need to hold your mouth open for a long time or have uncomfortable pastes in your mouth anymore.

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