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Preventive orthodontic treatment in children is recommended from the age of 6, as this is when the first adult molars come through. If an orthodontic treatment is necessary, the age of the child, the type of problem and number of milk teeth that have fallen out must all be taken into account. At Ortodoncia Tres Torres Barcelona we specialise in children’s orthodontics with brackets and are big fans of little smiles. We understand the importance for a child to feel comfortable and not at all fearful when visiting the orthodontist. In our clinic your child will have a great time playing with the PlayStation or drawing on our huge blackboard.

Arrow right Preventative orthodontic treatment in children

Preventive orthodontic treatment in children is very important. Once a child has stopped growing, it is no longer possible to correct the maxilla and/or the jawbone. For this reason it is essential to do so at an early age.

A child’s first visit to the orthodontist should take place at about 6 years old as this is when the first adult first molars come through. It is the perfect moment to perform the first orthopantomography or x-ray of the mouth to assess possible problems.

At this age it is fundamental to assess is the size of the jaw. It is important to see whether the upper dental arch occludes above the lower arch, i.e. whether it closes seamlessly like a box.

If the mouth closes properly, no treatment is necessary and the next check-up should take place when all the adult teeth have come through. If, however, the upper dental arch does not occlude above the lower one and there is a cross-bite, an expander should be fitted. Treatment should take 8 and 12 months.

If a cross-bite is not corrected as soon as possible, lateralised deviation of the jaw occurs, causing facial asymmetry over time.

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Arrow right Palate expander for children

The palate expanders for children are an orthodontic treatment to help expand the palate.

Orthodontics Tres Torres Barcelona expanders children

Orthodontics visible with brackets in Orthodontics Tres Torres Barcelona

Arrow right Visible braces

Visible brackets are used to correct the position of the teeth with the braces placed on the outside of the teeth. Metal or ceramic braces are ideal option for children and teenagers orthodontic treatments.

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Visible braces  Arrow right VIEW

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Arrow right Prices for children’s braces

The price for children’s braces is calculated on a case by case basis and depends on the treatment you choose.
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